At the Active Care Spine Center we love to hear about our patients’ success stories. If you have had a good experience we want you to share it with us, use the box provided below to add your testimonial.

Testimonial by Greg Van Nuys

Dr. Gordon is very aware, cerebral and competent. I really appreciate his deep rooted knowledge of both chiropractic and acupuncture. I found him caring and interested in his patients health and not an assembly line back cracker that I have seen too often. I like the Dr. that help you heal yourself with exercises and stretches and works to find solutions that are long lasting. Higly recommended.

Testimonial by Howard

After enduring much discomfort and pain in my hip for almost a year I decided to try acupuncture. I had physical therapy, cortisone injections, and pain meds. As a last resort I tried acupuncture with Dr. Brian Gordon. To my surprise and considerable pleasure I began to feel relief after a few treatments. To date I have not needed pain medicine and I am far more comfortable. I would obviously recommend Dr. Gordon.

Testimonial by Mike

I'm an athlete and a competitive cyclist, and log many miles on the bike daily. One day, I developed sciatica on my left side. I had severe pain in my thigh every time I bent down, or tried to tie my shoelaces, or even get dressed. I visited Dr. Gordon, and Brian confirmed the sciatica diagnosis and I would come in weekly for acupuncture and spinal adjustment. 3 weeks later, I'm back on the bike with no pain. I've been treated by several athletic trainers in the past, but none have been as effective as Brian. I've definitely found a doctor that I have no reservations about seeing when another inevitable sports injury occurs.

Testimonial by Nancy

I had neck discomfort and left-sided tightness for years and avoided seeing a chiropractor due to stories I had heard about sham treatments practiced by many chiropractors. As a psychologist, I'm very aware of sham treatments among some psychotherapists and am careful to practice only empirically supported assessments & treatments. I went to SCOI to see a non-surgical Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physician for my neck issues. All she could do was offer MRI & cortisone shots, neither of which interested me. However, she recommended that I see a chiropractor. She addressed my concerns about chiropractic, explaining that there are many chiropractors, particular those who received their training in the past decade or so, who are highly effective and ethical, and who avoid sham treatments. I checked the Chirobase website, described on the site as "your skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and practices" and found Dr. Brian Gordon's listing. I have been very pleased with Dr. Gordon's treatment and can't recommend him more highly. He's very knowledgeable, and his treatment has been very effective for me. He has a very holistic approach, conducting a thorough assessment of the problem and combining in-office massage, adjustment, stretching etc. with patient education and exercises to be practiced at home & in the gym. He has a very friendly, gentle, supportive manner, which is helpful in a chiropractor. Unlike some other chiropractors I've heard about, he doesn't try to extend treatments indefinitely, but is eager to provide relief as quickly as possible. He definitely has his patients' best interests at heart and has the expertise and skills to help them. I discovered that years of poor posture contributed to my musculoskeletal difficulties, and am working hard with Dr. Gordon to correct these problems both in his office and by practicing healthier posture & relevant exercises outside the office. My neck and upper back are doing so much better, and I have Dr. Gordon to thank for that. I highly recommend his services to everyone.

Testimonial by Christy

I've suffered from chronic low back pain for many years. Dr. Gordon noticed that my legs were not equal in length as he examined my gait. He, then, measured my legs and saw that there was a quarter-inch of a difference between them. He suggested that I get a heel lift (conveniently available in most drug stores) and insert it into my shoe for the shorter leg. Surprisingly, I saw almost instant results! I haven't had a lower backache since I've been walking around with the lift. He told me it may take a few weeks for me to adjust to it, but it was rather comfortable -- my body probably needed the lift to achieve proper alignment. Such a simple solution to a long-term problem. Thank you!

Testimonial by Chad Peters - Athletic Trainer - LAVC

Dr. Gordon is our Team Chiropractor here at Los Angeles Valley College and does a great job with our student athletes. I really like the fact that Brian does not simply do joint mobilizations ("adjustments") for a quick fix, but takes the time to do a full evaluation to determine what muscle imbalances, weakness, or lack of flexibility is the underlying cause of the student athletes' problem, thus decreasing their chance of further injury. Brian is a huge asset to our Sports Medicine Team.

Testimonial by ZN, Encino

I came to see Dr. Gordon for terrible headaches I had been having. During my examination he found that my blood pressure was dangerously high. He sent me immediately to my doctor for medical treatment. Sending me to my doctor for medication not only completely relieved my headache but quite possibly saved my life. Thank you doctor Gordon.

Testimonial by philip .Studio city

Dr Gordon really help me with my lower back pain .I will recommed to any person in need of a chiropractor.He was able to take away the pain and to help me prevent the problem from returning.

Testimonial by Rob Friedman,DC

I am a retired chiropractor who was in practice for 17 years.As a fellow professional, I can personally vouch for Dr. Gordon for his expertise in knowledge of chiropratic and medicine and his superior adjusting techniques. I highly recommend any person with musculo-skeletal problems to seek relief with Dr. Gordon.

Testimonial by Frank - Van Nuys

I had been having pain and discomfort with my neck and left shoulder, and had never been to a chiropractor until I made an appointment with Dr. Gordon. I started feeling better just after two visits. Dr. Gordon also taught some stretches that I was able to perform at home which contributed to my speedy recovery. My neck and left shoulder feel great and I owe it all to Dr. Gordon. Thank you!

Testimonial by Tom

I'm in my sixties and still play full-court basketball and Dr. Gordon is a big reason I continue to do so. His understanding of the muscle groups, tendons and other connective elements are second to none in the healing arts! He's taught me stretches that have also helped alleviate my sciatica on my right side, and that has been a huge improvement for me. Don't live in pain; let Dr. Gordon give you a hands-on evaluation.

Testimonial by Bruce

Its good to know that if you have a back ache you can go to someone who will address the cause of you pain, not just the symptom. Thats why I go to the Active Spine Center.

Testimonial by Earl, North Hills

I appreciate the treatment which Dr Gordon gives me for my neck pain. He assists me with instant relief, provides exercise and stretch advice. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Testimonial by Boriana, Beverly Hills

I came to Dr. Gordon’s office with chronic neck issues worsened by a couple of consecutive car accidents.  Prior to my visit, I was unable to lift my head up without supporting it with my hands.  The care I received from Dr. Gordon was excellent.  He assessed my situation carefully.  The exercises he prescribed coupled with his treatment sessions helped strengthen my neck so much so that I was able to finally lift my head on my own. I was pain free from the accidents within a few visits.  In addition, Dr. Gordon referred me to a specialist to investigate my neck trauma even further.  They collaborated to take the best possible care of my situation.  In my experience, Dr. Gordon has his patients’ best interest at heart.  I would recommend his services to anybody.

Testimonial by Lynn, Woodland Hills

I have suffered with nagging neck and shoulder pain for nine years following a car accident.  A friend suggested that I try seeing their chiropractor who has been treating them with their shoulder pain.  After the first treatment I felt more relief than I have had in the last nine years.  I can’t believe I waited so long to see Dr. Gordon.  Next time I have an ache I won’t wait nine years to get help, I’ll call Dr. Gordon.